Step 10: Hang the Curtains


  • Insert curtain pin hooks into the back of each pleat at the correct Hook to Top position.
  • Insert a hook on the Return flap.
  • Insert a hook on the Overlap of the curtain if required - (see video)
  • Make sure you have the appropriate number of rings on the track or pole.
  • Hang your curtains.
This video shows you
  • How and where to place hooks
  • How to hang your curtains
  • How to bind and dress your curtains for a professional finish

Questions & Comments


What do you recommend to get out wrinkles at this stage if your curtains have polyester in them?

Jane Hunt

I have just hung my cartridge pleat curtains and I am thrilled with them - I've made curtains for years and always been happy but never achieved this standard of finish before. Thank you so much for the excellent instructions and videos!

Sue Newman

I have had 2 sets of cartridge curtains made for me. I think they would hang better if I was to stuff the openings at the top. What should I use? I did think of hollow fibre filling but would that fall through as they are not sealed like goblet headings.


STEPs 9 and 9b of the cartridge pleat curtain tutorial show you how we make and stuff our cartridge pleats.


Is there anything I can do to make the outer edge "return" actually turn the 90 degrees to the wall rather than hanging limply? Maybe I need a stitch somewhere or do I need to affix an eyelet nail in the wall and hook the end of the curtain to it...or have I missed a step in the instructions? Many thanks.


There are a few ways to get the returns 90 degrees and tight to the wall.

1) Fix an eyelet to the wall and a pin hook on the return end and attach the return to the wall.

2) Fix a batten block to the wall with hook velcro on the outside edge where you want the curtain return to touch against the wall. Sew loop velcro on the inside edge of the curtain heading and velcro the return into position. (The block should be hidden behind the curtain return)

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