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  Cindy Taylor

Cindy is the owner of Dolman & Taylor specialist curtain and blind makers. She has over 15 years of experience, curtain making, blind making, working with fabrics and making soft furnishings. In the videos she clearly explains and demonstrates the methods and techniques used in her workroom .
How to make a curtain - by Sew-Helpful. Full Tutorial, FREE online instructions and advice from a curtain making workroom. Make your own beautiful soft furnishings, it's easier when a professional shows you how.

Lined Pencil Pleat Curtains

Learn how to make Pencil Pleat curtains the way they are made in a professional workroom.

This tutorial includes

  • Full Written Instructions
  • 16 Videos
  • Diagrams
  • Tips
  • Definitions
  • Example Calculations
  • Tools Required
  • Materials Required
  • Extra Help

We also cover how to deal with a patterned fabric as well as plain fabric when making the curtain. These instructions have been developed by Cindy Taylor an experienced curtain maker. There are tips included and with the benefit of her experience you will avoid common mistakes that can be made and get a professional finish.

You will not be using the "Bag Method" to make the curtains, which you will probably find in most online tutorials. You are taught the way a professional curtain maker would make your curtains. It's NO more difficult than the "Bag Method", but your curtains will have a better finish and will be weighted at the bottom so they hang well.

The other advantage of making them this way is that it lays the foundations for learning how to make more advanced interlined curtains and hand pleated curtains.

Tutorial Steps

Our tutorial is made up of the following steps.

Each step is described in detail with demonstration videos also available.


        VIDEO INSTRUCTOR - Cindy Taylor

Owner of Dolman & Taylor specialist curtain and blind makers.


I have used your crystal clear instructions to make lined curtains for which thank you!! .....Nik

The pencil pleat curtains I made following your instructions have turned out brilliantly........Julie

Thank you so much for excellent tutorials, they are exceptionally good!........Anne

This tutorial was excellent......Linda

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for a wonderfully clear, well-written tutorial. I have just hung my first ever set of home-made curtains, made according to your instructions,and I am thrilled with the way they hang and the professional finish. ........Steph

Thank you so much! We are due to move into our first home (owned) and the thought of buying a whole house of curtains daunted me. Yet with this simple guide I am in the middle of making them all. And I was quite an amateur seamstress to begin with. So thank you, because your fab tutorial has saved me a lot of money and meant I could have fitted curtains in whatever fabric I liked! 1 down 11 to go!.......Stacey P-B

Just to say thank you so much for your curtain instructions - they were really helpful. I made some curtains for the first time and they worked! …….Thanks very much again......... Catherine L

Thanks a lot - a very useful website.........Caroline

What a help you have been in reminding me how to make curtains - thank you very much. They look lovely and very professional!......... Wendy

Your instructions are so so helpful - thank you..........Wendy B

I love your vidoes as they have given me the confidence to make my own curtains and blinds...........Julie

Your Questions & Comments


Excellent tutorial. Very easy to follow.


If you want to do 'Ruffle' Headed Curtains do you use the same pencil pleat header tape but just move it down so it gives you the fabric hanging along the top?


No  we use  a narrower tape. 


I find this is helpful and am learning a lot

I am not a professional person to make curtains, but I always make for family friends.

I got a project to make curtains for the whole house (3 bedrooms + living and dining), which 2 of BayWindow

Using swish aluminium corded tracks,

I want to make all the triple and double pleats, using 15cm & 10cm buckram.

I want to hide the track as well

Do you think might be easier to buy the header instead of buckram for the bigger windows?

Thanks for your help



We always make double pleat and triple pleat curtains using buckram (not with a heading tape). 

There are tutorials for both these curtain heading types on the website. In the videos you will see the buckrams and hooks we use for our customers.

If you are looking to hide the track just beware that the fabric between the pleats will push forward when the curtains are stacked back rather than fold back behind. (we show this in the video of STEP 1 of the tutorial). You may need smaller spaces between the pleats to make it look neater when stacked back (which would mean more fabric as you would have more pleats in the curtain).

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