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Calculator Assumptions

  • Lined, Interlined or Blackout Roman blind
  • 6cm trimming allowance on lining cut drops
  • 6cm trimming allowance on fabric cut drops (note not included for pattern fabrics where there is more than one cut drop as adjusted cut drops are usually longer than required)
  • Results are rounded up to nearest 10cm (0.1m)

This Roman blind fabric calculator is based on making blinds using the heading and hem allowances in our online tutorials. Full written explainations of the calculations the calculator is based on are given in the tutorials on this website.

Our Blind Making Tutorials

This calculator is based on the makeup methods in our detailed blind making tutorials.

Find full FREE written instructions and your questions answered here in our online tutorials.

Number of rods pockets?

To decide how many rods you need and the spacing on your blind please use our Roman blind pleat calculator. There is also guidance in STEP 2 of our Roman Blind tutorials.

Questions & Comments


I would like to make a blind that is 252 x 122. How many pull cords/strings should be needed?


Hi there,

Love your site 😁

Question… I’m making interlined blinds 180 wide, 190 long, with 4 rod pockets. How many columns of rings would you recommend. Struggling to find guidance on this.



Hi Jo

Look at STEP 9 of the tutorials. 

I would go for 10 cm in from either side. Approx 35 cm apart with stabs in between on wider blinds.

 You also need to make sure you use the correct number of cords advised or supplied with a kit so the child safety breakouts work correctly.




Hi there,

I am making 6 roman blinds with a pattern, all different lengths. Do I need to add 1 repeat to my calculations for all blinds?


Hi Sarah

This is a very good one question…..

If you are positioning the pattern in the same place on each blind you will only need 1 pattern repeat to place the pattern then cut all the fabric cut drops as ADJUSTED CUT DROPs  (round up the fabric cut drop to a whole number of pattern repeats long) So, for example, you are making 2 blinds with a fabric cut drop  of 125cm and 175cm and your PR is 50cm

You would need 3 PR’s ( 150cm) for 125cm blind , 4 x PR’s (200cm) for the 175cm blind and 1 x PR (50cm) for placing  

150cm + 200cm + 50cm = 4m

Good luck with your project.

Kind regards

Cindy Taylor


Hi Cindy,

I'm making a blind 267cm wide, so I need to use 3 widths of fabric. Am I correct in thinking there will be a seam down the middle of the blind where the 2 whole panels join and then 2 seams either side for the 3rd panel which will be split in 2?

Thank you

Margaret Burns

Hi. I’m trying to work out if I need to add extra to my measurements for a outside recess Roman blind or is it just the actual width and height. Does the seamstress add on and I just send my exact measurements. Thanks


You have to ask the person making the blind what measurement they want. Look at STEP 1 of our roman blind tutorials -  Measuring the Window.  For more info on measuring.


I've done my calculations using this calculator for plain fabric. I am not sure what the fabric cut drop is. Can you explain?


The FABRIC CUT DROP is the length of fabric you need to cut to make the roman blind. It includes the blind length plus the hem and heading allowances. If you go to  STEP 3 of any of our roman blind tutorials it is explained there.


Hi your calculator isn't adding cut fabric if its patterned and normally does ?? Think there may be an error


I have recently updated the calculator so it doesn't calculate adjusted cut drops for a single width roman blind with patterned fabric. It only calculates adjusted cut drops if you have a blind with more than one width and you need to join patterned fabric. Note there is the option to add a pattern repeat to place the pattern.

For a single width blind in patterned fabric you only need the plain fabric cut drop (plus a pattern repeat to place the pattern if required). 

I will add an extra box to give that info


Hi, I am making Roman blinds to fit a bay window. There will be 5 blinds in total all 180cm drop, one 60cm wide, and four 120cm wide. The fabric is 137 wide and has a pattern repeat of 58cm but it's a half drop repeat. I am struggling to work out the amount of fabric I need to order to take into consideration of the half drop repeat. Should I just order 2 extra repeats to be on the safe side or is one enough? Thank you.


This will involve calculating adjusted cut drops so you can start each blind in the same position on the pattern and is way beyond the scope of the tutorial on the website at the moment. We will be adding information about wide blinds requiring more than one width in the future explaining adjusted cut drops. 

J Leslie

I am making an interlined roman bind with patterned fabric repeat of 48. Finished measurements are 210w x 150d. I used your online calculator which gave me 4.4 mts of fabric and your Adjusted Cut Drop calculator which resulted in 3.36 mts to which I added 16 cms x 2 for headings/bottoms = 3.68 mts. Previously my own calculation resulted in 3.7 mts rounded to 4. I've added 1 pattern repeat but wonder if I need to add 2 pattern repeats because of having to make 3 panels as the blind is so wide? Any help would be much appreciated. BTW your tutorials are priceless.


You dont add heading and hem allowances after. The adjusted cut drop MUST include these allowances. (with and adjusted cut drop you are effectively working out the length of fabric you need to cut to make the blind, then round that length up to a whole number of pattern repeats so the panels match after cutting.)

You only need to add one pattern repeat to place the pattern, because all the drops will be the same once cut.

You dont need 3 drops, you split the second in half and join to each side. 

I cant see where you get 3.36m from???? The calculator shows an ACD of 192cm (4 pattern repeats). 2 drops  is 384cm. Then add 1 pattern repeat 48cm you get 432cm. rounded up to the nearest 10cm is 4.4m


How do I work out the distance between the rod pockets on the lining? The finished length of the blind is 193cm


Read the Roman blind tutorials STEP 2. There are also online calculators on the site to help.

Jackie Tazzyman

Hi I'm making one blind that is 160 wide x 134 drop and another one that will be 70 wide and 134 drop. The fabric I've seen is 150 wide with no pattern repeat. How much fabric should I get?

There are full details of how to calculate quantities in the roman Blind tutorials. You will be able to get away with 2 cut drops. One for the mid section of the wide Blind and the other to make the smaller blind (cut the fabric from the centre) and the off cuts from each side to provide the side panels for the wide Blind.

You must cut the smaller Blind from the centre so the 2 offcuts have a selvedges on them to join to the selvedges of the  centre panel of the wide Blind.
Sarah Lang

I'm looking at making a blind with 120cm drop and 208cm width in a geometric patterned fabric that is 137 wide. I'm looking at putting the fabric horizontally. How do I calculate the amount of fabric on this calculator?


The calculator is based on doing it the normal way, so wont be much help. 

STEP 3 of the roman blind tutorials explains how much fabric you need.

Cut Width = finished blind width + 10cm (5cm turning allowance for each side).
Fabric Cut Drop  = Finished Blind Length + 5cm heading allwnce + 9cm hem allwnce

By railroading (using your fabric sideways you will only need one width):
Your cut drop needs to fit into the width of your fabric which you say is 137cm (you also need to be happy your pattern position will be ok on the blind)-  With your figures you would be left with 3cm for trimming.

The length of fabric you need is now the cut width plus what you think you need to position the pattern horizontally on the blind. (we would also add a 5cm trimming allowance)

Linda Mccarthy

My blind is 245 cm wide and 221 down - can I make a blind that wide and do I add extra cord to the pull up to allow for the blind to come up evenly to disburse the weight? What should the maximum width of a blind?


You can make blinds that wide, but the bigger the blind the harder it is to make well. They are really best for smaller windows. With large blinds it is more difficult to get it square and avoid sagging. Something that big will probably need a geared mechanism to pull it up. The appropraite number of cords will be supplied with the mechanism.

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