How to make -
A Piped Cushion
zipped in a plain or patterned fabric

  Cindy Taylor

Cindy is the owner of Dolman & Taylor specialist curtain and blind makers. She has over 15 years of experience, curtain making, blind making, working with fabrics and making soft furnishings. In the videos she clearly explains and demonstrates the methods and techniques used in her workroom .
How to make a piped cushion tutorial by Sew Helpful

Piped Cushion

This tutorial shows you how to make a piped cushion with a zip in a plain or patterned fabric the way they are made in a professional workroom.

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Questions & Comments


Good afternoon , do you have any recommendations for avoiding 'cat's ears' type corners when making cushions please?

Thank you


I know what you mean and to avoid this you need to round the corners off, maybe using a small bowl like a ramekin to help with this but obviously not taking too much away.

You can also buy a cushion template especially for this -  CUSHION TEMPLATE ,  Cushion Template , Cushion Template


I want to make new piped covers for the box cushions on a cane settee. Would you use a seam allowance for box cushions or cut the fabric to the exact size of the cushion, as you have done here? Thank you


That depends on wether the inners are foam or feather. If foam, I would cut foam to 2 cm wider and longer than needed and make the cover to actual size plus the 2 cm seam allowance so that the foam sits snugly in the cover and is not loose.

If feather, I have my pads made to measure and give them the “cover size” - the actual size that I want the finished seat to be. They then make them larger to have a nice full seat pad and I make the covers to the actual size plus a 2cm seam allowance.

I hope that makes sense, if you make to actual size with no seam allowance then the finished pad/cover will be too small for the seat.

Good luck Cindy


Hi there. I've used your roman blind and curtain tutorials and have really loved following them. I now feel confident enough to tackle a piped cushion but see, from reading ahead in the tutorial, that it requires overlocking. Is this an essential purchase or are there workarounds with a sewing machine/hand stitching? Thanks in advance.


You can zigzag stitch instead with your domestic machine. The videos show you how.


If you want to add a trim (as opposed to piping), when and how would you do that? Thanks.


You attach it in the same way as piping,


I purchased a day's viewing of the piped cushion videos yesterday and today have a lovely cushion. I am now confident to make more. As you say in your tip the videos are extremely well worthwhile and great value for money! Your written tutorial is clear and extremely high quality, but nothing replaces a good demonstration. Your commentary and hints are very helpful and the close-up shots are superb. Thank you so much from a grateful sewer. PS I haven't tacked for a long time but followed your advice to do this on the zip, and got superior results.

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