How to make -
Hand Pleated Interlined Curtains

  Cindy Taylor

Cindy is the owner of Dolman & Taylor specialist curtain and blind makers. She has over 15 years of experience, curtain making, blind making, working with fabrics and making soft furnishings. In the videos she clearly explains and demonstrates the methods and techniques used in her workroom .
How to make a hand pleat interlined curtain tutorial by Sew Helpful

How to make Interlined Curtains

(with a Pinch Pleat, Double Pleat)

Learn how to make curtains the way they are made in a professional workroom.

Interlined curtains are thicker and more substantial than lined curtains as they have a layer of interlining sandwiched between the fabric and lining inside the curtain. They are heavier and feel more sumtuous with better insulating properties.

This tutorial includes

  • Full Written Instructions
  • How to make double, pinch pleats
  • 27 Videos
  • Diagrams
  • Tips
  • Definitions
  • Example Calculations
  • Tools Required
  • Materials Required
  • Extra Help

We also cover how to deal with a patterned fabric as well as plain fabric when making the curtain. These instructions have been developed by Cindy Taylor an experienced curtain maker. There are tips included and with the benefit of her experience you will avoid common mistakes that can be made and get a professional finish.

Tutorial Steps

The tutorial takes you from measuring the window through to hanging and dressing the curtain at the end. Calculations of fabric quantities and how to set your pleats out are covered in detail, with links to some handy online calculators on the site, to help check your calculations.

The FREE written instructions tell you how to make the curtain, but the videos show you the stitching and techniques we use in the workroom to get a professional finish, with thought on how you might do things at home on a smaller table than ours.

There is a section at the bottom of each tutorial STEP where you can ask questions (we will post the answers for all to see - we call it the EXTRA HELP section).

If you can't afford the time or money to attend day courses in a workroom, then we think this tutorial is the next best thing, with its video demonstrations, written instructions, calculators, and answered questions. You also have the benefit of learning at your own pace at times that suit you. The website tutorial is also responsive as well so you should be able to read and watch it on your iphone when making, if you've got a tablet (even better).

All the written instructions, calculators and Extra Help are FREE to view and use online NOW, to unlock the 27 tutorial videos for 1 month costs £25.


        VIDEO INSTRUCTOR - Cindy Taylor

Owner of Dolman & Taylor specialist curtain and blind makers.

Making a Double pleat interlined curtain
Making Triple pleat interlined curtains

Here is Cindy's must have and nice to have materials and tools lists to make a Hand Pleated Interlined Curtain. (Click on each item for more information)



  1.   Fabric
  2. - Lining
  3. - Interlining
  4. - Thread
  5. - Buckram
  6. - Weights
  7. - Curtain Pin Hooks



  1.   Sewing Machine
  2. - Tape Measure
  3. - Needles
  4. - Pins
  5. - Scissors
  6. - Set Square
  7. - Straight Edge
  8.   Pencil


  1. - Vanishing Marker
  2. - Clamps


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Questions & Comments


Hi, I am going to buy the video for Double pleat interlined curtains.

My fabric is 100% wool Ian Mankin , will I still need lead weights for the hem? If so what weight and do you use the covered ones?

Thank you.


I know the fabric you are talking about but I still put lead weights in all my curtains. If you do not feel it is necessary, there is no reason why you have to though.

Good luck with your project.  Cindy

Alison Fox

Your site is very helpful in many aspects but my problem has become physical. I have made many sets of curtains for my son and daughter in law for their Georgian windows and all the curtains have been interlined so consequently done by hand but I am now suffering with back and neck problems. Do you think it possible for me to make interlined curtains on the sewing machine. In other words bagging them with the lining and so avoiding lots of hand stitching apart from the locking stitch fixing the interling to the curtain. I am running out of energy.



Curtain making is certainly back breaking, especially with heavy interlined curtains. To be honest I have never made interlined curtains by bagging them and wouldn’t do so as it is now how a professionally made curtain would be made. Of course, there is no reason at all why you could not try to do this but I would not recommend it. Maybe it’s time to give the job to a curtain maker and have a rest.

kind regards Cindy


Hi there, I have been asked to make some cottage top curtains and can't fund any useful instructions on you tube or elsewhere. Do you know of any? I'm planning on making using 1" curtain tape. Thank you!


We haven't made that tutorial yet


Could I adapt the instructions to leave out the buckram? I would like to make very soft double pleats, as in an informal country style.


Yes you could do that. A ruffle header is a good option as well (we will have to add that to the tutorials!)


I would appreciate some advice as I have double width fabric and I want to add interlining. I am concerned about locking the interliing to the fabric (without being able to attach it to the fabric join seams) and whether this will show the lock stitches on the right side of the fabric. What would you advice be please?


We lock stitch in between the widths any way not just to the join seams. 

Insert Interlining

Phil W-E

Hi, I want to do the tutorial for interlined curtains but with pencil pleat heading. Can I use any of the tutorials but just change the heading? Also, are the linings and fabric attached by machine or hand stitched -similar to the roman blind tutorial? I ask because I will have a problem with the weight and bulk of the fabric, interlining and blackout lining going through the machine as I am only 5.1 tall and a lightweight.. One curtain will be 5 x 137cm wide. I have to make 4 the same. Cheers


Follow the interlined instructions. You only need 5cm heading allowance for pencil pleat. Trim the interlining to the finished length of the curtain at the top, fold over the 5cm of lining and fabric, then stitch on your pencil pleat heading tape.

A lighter weight interlining may help with the bulk.

Lynn Huntingford

My pole is going to be 380cm long covering a set of French doors and a sill length window that has a wall space between of 14cm. I am thinking about a pair of double pleat curtains made of 3 widths per curtain. Have you done curtains this wide before or would you do 2 pairs, although I'm not sure if I could fit 2 poles side by side? Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks.


Hi Lynn. This is a tricky one as it really comes down to personal choice and if you are confident enough/ have enough space to make a really large curtain.

I have made some very large curtains but I have a work table big enough to do so. For ease, I would go for 2 pairs and I actually think that would look good. To make a pair of curtains to cover the whole window will be quite tricky. It really depends on what you would prefer and if you are up for the challenge.

Good luck and send us a photo once they are made - we'd love to see what you went for.



What is the average inches of spaces and pleats when making cartridge pleat drapes?


Make a mock uo, 12cm and 12cm would be a good place to start.

Anne Herron

Can I make double pleat curtains with lining and interlining but without tape for a softer look.



That is what this tutorial shows you.


How to attach interlining when making lined curtains


We have written a whole tutorial here for making interlined curtains. In STEP 6b we insert the interlining.


When should I consider using interlining? I have been asked to make some curtain for a friend and it is fairly hefty fabric. Should I use interlining?


It’s a design decision, you are going to have to decide in agreement with the customer how thick they want them to be. There are different thicknesses of interlining. See our blog for an article on interling types.

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