We all love to see what you've made

Curtains made by Clare.

She said "I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed using the pencil pleat curtain tutorial on a recent curtain project. I've made my own curtains before but always been a bit dissatisfied with the results - these two sets of curtains however came out really well and I learnt some new sewing skills and confidence to take on some larger sets for elsewhere in my house.

The objective for this project was to ensure a truly matching set to showcase the charming pattern and i think I succeeded!"

Interlined living room curtains made by Lynn.

She said "Each step was so easy to follow and detailed that I finished them much sooner than I anticipated. These were 3 widths per curtain and I would have given anything to have your work table rather than my extended kitchen table but I managed and am so pleased with them".

Interlined Roman blinds by Tricia

Interlined Roman blinds by Tricia

Interlined Roman blinds by Tricia

Kitchen blind by Alison

Kitchen blind by Alison

Roman Blind by Alison.

Matching cushion

Roman Blind by Alison.

First serious curtains by Chris.

"Corona" Blinds made by Philomene in France

Interlined Triple pleat silver/grey curtains blind by Karen

An interlined Roman blind by Karen

An interlined cascading Roman blind by Karen

Another interlined cascading Roman blind by Karen

3 wonderful blackout/interlined Roman blinds by Emma.

The dark blue and WC room fabric is Harlequin Fragments Plains (100% polyester weave).

This blue-green blind is made with Romo Linara. Emma said "This was a dream to work with."

A large pair of lined curtains made by Laura. (Laura was aiming for the curtains to be just off the ground as she doesn't like her curtains to drag on the floor)

A blind made by Ann in a striking fabric called “Forest” by William Morris.

She says "I made my first pair of curtains over 40 years ago with an old Singer sewing machine that my grandfather had converted to an electric model back in the 50s! My sewing has come a long way since those days but I have to say that your tutorials have completely elevated my sewing to a very professional standard, so thank you for all you do."

A beautiful casscade blind by Denise showing why we think stripes work well on blinds.

Full length triple pleat curtains by Christine.

Bedroom curtains made by Ann.

Interlined Roman Blind made by Lynn

Interlined Roman Blind made by Lynn. (great pattern placement of the Hare)

Interlined Roman Blind made by Liz in Villa Nova Hana fabric.

She said "Following your brilliant tutorials here is my work what I have made so far. I tried other internet turtorials but yours is the best! You explain in great detail and love how you take care in getting the blinds "square", your online help reponse is excellent too.. I will soon be trying your next tutorial on How to make pleated curtains."

First lined Roman blind by Marsha

First lined Roman blind by Marsha

Interlined Roman Blind by Liz.

A wide blind made by Marguerite, she said "This is my roman blind made following your fantastic tutorials. I'm so thrilled with it. Thank you."

Interlined Double Pleat curtains by Deborah. Quite rightly she was very pleased with what she had achieved and said "They took a lot of planning and thought but following your instructions to the letter, they turned out ok!"

A lovely set of bay window Roman Blinds made by Anne. she said " I have made many blinds and curtains over the years but after retiring from work decided it was time to "up my game"! I have watched your videos and read your tutorials and here is the end result. (The three blinds are the same length but my husband had just messed about with them!)"

A pair of double pleat curtains also made by Anne. Look at how well she has got the pattern to meet where the curtains ovelap."

2 Roman Blind made by Louise, she said "I recently made these for my cloakroom by following your great instructions. First time trying Roman blinds and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was!"

Nicola made this Roman blind using our tutorial and said "I'm delighted with the blind I've made for my ....... I've made blinds in the past but fixed the rod pockets to the blind with a line of stitching done on the machine, so wasn't sure how the stab stitching would look. I am really pleased with how neat and professional this way of making blinds looks. Many thanks for your amazing and clear videos."

Kitchen Blind by Karen.

Kitchen Blind by Karen.

Lovely Roman blind and a Lampshade in Clarke and Clarke Rooster Sage Fabric, made by Selina.

Lovely Roman blind made by Tania, in Funky Flowers fabric from Harlequin.

3 Roman blinds made by Susan. Love them!.

Roman Blind - made by Amanda, she said "Thanks for the excellent video tutorial. "

Roman Blind - made by Amanda, she said "As a novice sewer I'm really pleased with how my blind turned out, as good as a custom made shop-bought one I have in another room."

Roman Blind - made by Amanda, she said "I found the videos to be informative, easy to follow and well recorded."

Lined triple pleat curtains with 5 inch Buckram, for a large bay window made by Linda. She did not want the curtain pole extending any further, so to cover the gap just placed 2 hooks into the wall & extended the curtain to cover.

She says "Your method to calculate curtain size & pleating was spot on & made the maths easy! Thanks. The hardest part was coping with the huge volume of material on the dining room table. The only way I could handle them was to keep rolling one end as I unrolled the other like a giant swiss roll!"

Roman Blind made by Pamela for a living room. Fabric is from the Stripes Company. She says "Thanks for your brilliant tutorials."

A first Roman blind - made by Rachel. She said at 2.4 x 1.6m it was a bit of a challenge!

14 cushions made by Deborah to refresh her 2 Tetrad sofas. She used pure wool tartan and 10m of continuous zip following our tutorials.

3 different blind types by Honor "

3 different blind types by Honor "

3 different blind types by Honor "

A very large a 2.5m by 2.6m lined Roman blind made by Heather using our written instructions and videos. This was her second ever blind, See the pictures below and you will see she has made a very good job. No sagginess or bagginess and a perfect fit.

Knowing how difficult it is to make very large blinds well, we asked Heather how she coped not having a table as big as ours to lay it out on. Here is how she said she made it.

"I have a 3m X 1 m table. Although long, not that wide. As a result, I had to work in sections and was therefore very careful to measure multiple times. E.g. for the rod pockets, I lay the height of the lining along the table length and worked across the width in sections, to measure from the bottom. Then I rotated to have the full width on the table to ensure horizontal lines. Then re-measured from the bottom."

"I would not have tackled it until I came across your tutorial videos. The tips around ensuring right angles at every stage, and the overall guidance were invaluable. I referred back to written guides regularly, after the videos expired."

An interlined Roman Blind made by Heather using our tutorial. After making this first ever blind using our instructions it gave her the confidence to make the huge Roman blind in the picture above.

Shabby Chic Roman blind made by Emma using our Roman Blind tutorial.

3 Roman Blinds made by Emma to fit a bay window. The middle one is very wide and not easy to make! All made using using our Roman Blind tutorial.

Roman Blind made by Tanya using our online tutorial.

Another Roman Blind made by Tanya using our tutorial.

Aubergine plush Roman blinds with beaded trim made by Emma using our Lined Roman Blind tutorial.

A bedroom Blind made by Laura using our tutorial. She sent us the photo by facebook on our facebook page, another way to send your photos in.

Tanya made this lovely pair of curtains using our Lined Pencil Pleat Curtain tutorial. She said the tutorial was very easy to follow.

A lovely blind made by Jane, she said " I'm so glad I stumbled on your tutorial and equally glad I paid for the Video Access Pass as it demonstrated the process so clearly and simply. My original intention had been to copy the old blind which had been professionally made - had I done so, there is no way it would have turned out as well as it has done! It glides up and down beautifully and better than the old one!"

A set of roman blinds made by Sharon. These were her first blinds and we think she has done a great job sizing them to the bay and pattern matching from blind to blind.

A Stunning interlined blind made by Connie using our tutorial. She says “I just finished my first roman blind by following your tutorial - the videos were perfect. This blind is a great fit and she has balanced the positioning of the stripe perfectly, an excellent example of why we really like stripes when making a blind.

Wow what a lovely pair of kitchen blinds made by Angela using our lined roman blind tutorial. Angela said “Beautiful blinds for my new kitchen diner all completed following your wonderful instructions!”
Ps if you are wondering, we think they are made with Sanderson Emma Bridgewater Fabric.

A large pair of blackout lined curtains made by Sarah for her daughter’s bedroom using our Lined Pencil Pleat Curtain Tutorial. Sarah found the pattern matching information in the tutorial invaluable and was quite rightly really pleased with the length the came out. We think they look spot on.

A very happy young customer who had designed her new bedroom, chose the paint and materials and was really pleased with the curtains mum made for her!

Look at these blinds made by Sara!!!

she said "I've just made these three blackout blinds for my front bay window using your instructions. I've made blinds throughout the house and have always followed machine-sewing-based instructions before, sewing through from front back. As this room has been redesigned from scratch, I chose relatively expensive fabric Blue Nemo by Spira and so decided to try your method. Even though they probably took longer, the result is infinitely better, and the hand-sewing was actually very rewarding."

Wow look at these silk curtains made by Deborah using out tutorial.

3 blinds made by Deborah using our tutorial in one of our favourite St Judes fabrics.

A lovely striped Roman Blind made by Carol using our tutorial.

A bedroom curtain made by Charlotte using our tutorial. We like the fullness of this curtain.

Interlined Roman blind and curtain made by Emily

A Blackout Blind with a patterned fabric made by Liz using our tutorial, she also made matching curtains as well.

A Lined Bathroom Roman Blind, made by Belinda

Curtains made by Catherine using our How to make a lined pencil pleat curtain instructions. A very nice job and they are the first ones she has ever made!!

Abi's Roman Blind

The blinds are blackout lined. We like the way she has placed the pattern the same on all 3 blinds.

4 Blinds for a bay made by Kay

Interlined Roman blind made by Emily. A great fabric choice that coordinates beautifully with the kitchen tiles and units

Matching Curtains to go with the Roman Blind Liz made, both made using our Tutorials. Wow these are the first blinds and curtains she has ever made!!

Look at this striking blind made by Cecily The fabric is 'Abstract' by Bluebellgray and the only difference she made from our instructions was to fix the velcro to the top of the batten rather than to the front she says "I found your videos invaluable, particularly for making the rod pockets".

A Blind made by Katie she said "The instructions were so clear yet detailed, and the technique was great too (much less fiddly and quicker than making and sewing on rod pockets separately). Thanks so much for putting these instructions online."

Finally a door blind. made by Deborah .

data-pin-description="Bedroom curtain made by Charlott using a Sew-Helpful Tutorial, FREE online instructions and advice from a professional workroom." data-pin-url="https://www.sew-helpful.com/index.php"

Interlined Roman blind made by Emily

A Roman Blind made by Anna. She Says "Your instructions were invaluable & I'm so pleased with the end result! Had enough fabric left over to cover a lampshade too thank you for such wonderfully clear instructions. Now I'm looking for my next project...."

A second picture of a striking blind made by Cecily in 'Abstract'fabric by Bluebellgray

Wow Look at these Roman Blinds Anne made using our Lined Roman Blind Tutorial. It was her first time making Roman Blinds, see how she has pattern matched the blinds so they form a continuous pattern and kept the pleat sizes the same even though the middle blind is longer. We think they're really well done especially for her first ever go!!

A Blind made by Katie

A Blind made by Julie, the first she has ever made!!


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