• - Fabric
  • - Lining
  • - Thread
  • - Buckram
  • - Wadding
  • - Weights
  • - Curtain Hooks
  • Tools
  • - Sewing Machine
  • - Needles
  • - Pins
  • - Clamps
  • - Scissors
  • - Set Square
  • - Straight Edge
  • - Invisible Marker
  • Watch the videos for full step by step tution of the instructions and expert tips from the workshop

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    Step 8: Insert the Buckram
    Printable Worksheet
    Printable Worksheet


    • Clamp the bottom of the curtain to the table, lining side up.
    • Smooth out the layers so they are totally flat and sitting straight on the table.
    • Measure up from the bottom of the fabric hem "the finished curtain length" and mark with a pencil in approximately 4 places across each width. Draw a line joining the marks together.
    • Cut a piece of single sided fusible buckram 20cm longer than the width of the fabric panel and lay it glue side down above but touching this line. (leave 10cm protruding out each side)
    • Iron the buckram in place.
    • At each end fold the buckram in so it now finishes 0.5cm in from the edge of the fabric panel.
    • Fold the fabric down from the top to enclose the buckram. Iron this fold in place
    • Tuck any excess fabric up under the bottom of the buckram and pin in place.
    This video shows you
    • How to mark and measure the top of the curtain
    • How to attach the buckram
    • How to make a tidy fold
    • How to make sure your ends are tidy


    • Slip stitch along the bottom of the buckram (fabric to lining making sure that you do not go through to the face fabric).
    • Ladder stitch closed the buckram fold ends.
    This video shows you
    • How to slip stitch in detail
    • How to ladder stitch in detail
    • Where/how to start and finish your stitches