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  • Step 4: Calculate Lining Quantity
    Printable Worksheet
    Printable Worksheet

    The calculation for the amount of lining required to make a pair of curtains is the same as the calculation for plain fabric, except when calculating the cut drop the hem allowance will be 16cm for floor length curtains and 12cm for sill length curtains....Note


    To calculate the Lining Cut Drop:

    * We also add a 5cm trimming allowance to enable us to straighten the ends of the cut lengths


    To calculate the amount of lining required to make a pair of curtains:

    • Multiply the "Number of fabric widths" by Lining Cut Drop

    Alternatively try our online calculator.

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    Hi there

    I've cut my lining too short - is there a method I can use that means I don't have to purchase more and start again with it?


    It depends how short you have cut it. Your only real option is to make a smaller hem.

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