How to make -
Hand Pleated Interlined Curtains
  • - Fabric
  • - Lining
  • - Interlining
  • - Thread
  • - Buckram
  • - Weights
  • - Curtain Hooks
  • Tools
  • - Sewing Machine
  • - Needles
  • - Pins
  • - Clamps
  • - Scissors
  • - Set Square
  • - Straight Edge
  • - Invisible Marker
  • Watch the videos for full step by step tution of the instructions and expert tips from the workshop

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    I love your videos they have given me the confidence to make my own curtains and blinds....Julie

    Your videos are so good, thank you…..Alex

    Once again, I should say that I think the video tutorials are extremely well done. Although I've been sewing for years I've learnt lots of techniques that are new to me and that give a much more professional finish........Heather

    Thank you for such brilliant tutorials and videos....... ....Barbara

    I have absolutely loved your videos for curtain making, I have learnt so much from you….Charlotte

    Step 5: Make up the Lining Panels
    Printable Worksheet
    Printable Worksheet


    The number of widths of lining needed is the same as the number of widths of fabric. (assuming the lining is the same width as the fabric, usually 137 - 140cm)

    • Cut each width of lining the length of the LINING CUT DROP calculated in step 4.
    • If you are working with an odd number of widths each curtain will contain a half width. Cut down one of the widths to split it into 2 equal halves.
    This video shows you
    • How to measure and mark your cut drops.
    • How to cut your cut drops.
    • How to split a width in half.
    • How to make sure you use the correct sides the right way up later.
    • Differences cutting creased and lapped lining.

    If more than one width is required per curtain, join the the lining panels with a plain seam.


    • Lay lining panels to be joined right side together (make sure the panels are the same way up) align bottoms and edges.
    • If you are working with an odd number of widths each curtain will contain a half width. The half widths should be on the outer edges of the curtain. Join the selvedge to selvedge.
    • Join the appropriate lining widths with a plain seam.
    • Press the seams open
    • Check the bottom of the joined panels are straight, if not trim.

    Eg: A pair of curtains requiring 3 widths, each curtain fabric panel is 1.5 widths (half widths on outer edges).

    This video will show you
    • How to make sure you are joining correct sides and the right way up.
    • How to sew a plain seam.
    • How to press a plain seam.


    Hem the bottom edge of the linings. This is a double hem (turned twice) 6cm for sill length curtains and 8cm for floor length curtains:

    • Fold up the bottom (8cm or 6cm)
    • Fold up another (8cm or 6cm)
    • Pin and machine stitch
    • Now put your lining panels to one side, we will deal with the fabric next.
    This video shows you
    • Quick and easy ways to fold and mark your hem.
    • How to stich your hem.

    Extra Help & Comments

    Sew Helpful
    Post your questions & comments here, we will reply so everyone can see the answer.
    I have purchased lining with the interlining fused to it (all in one) and wondered if you could advise the best way to make up the curtains please?
    Sew Helpful
    Make it up using the lined curtain method. You‘ll basically have a lined curtain with thick lining.
    I am going to make some pencil pleat curtains following your tutorial (which I think it's great!), just wondering if I could make them with interline like the pleat pleat as the fabric is silk like, if so, which points I vary from one the pinch pleat tutorial, please? I see no tutorial for pencil pleat interlined curtains..
    Thank you so much for your help!
    Sew Helpful
    We are working on an interlined pencil pleat tutorial, if you like our facebook page you should see on there when e get it on the site.
    My lining and interlining widths are wider than the fabric width. Am I right in thinking that the finished fabric, interlining and lining panels should all be the same width before I start putting them together? So if the fabric panels are 1.5 widths each, I should cut the lining and interlining panels to that same width which is less that i.5 lengths? I think that is what it says but I want to be sure before I cut! I'm having trouble with the videos - even though I just subscribed to them I can't watch them??
    Sew Helpful
    It's all in the videos, please contact us via contact page  if you are having trouble viewing.

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