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  • Step 4: Calculate Lining & Interlining Qtys
    Printable Worksheet
    Printable Worksheet

    The calculation for the amount of lining required to make a pair of curtains is the same as the calculation for plain fabric, except when calculating the cut drop the hem allowance will be 16cm for floor length curtains and 12cm for sill length curtains....Note


    To calculate the Lining Cut Drop:

    * We also add a 5cm trimming allowance to enable us to straighten the ends of the cut lengths


    To calculate the amount of lining required to make a pair of curtains:

    • Multiply the "Number of fabric widths" by Lining Cut Drop

    Alternatively try our online calculator.

    No interlining is folded over in the heading and it is only folded up once within the fabric in the hem. So there is no heading allowance and only half the fabric hem allowance is required.


    To calculate the Interlining Cut Drop:

    * Interlining can have quite a lot of give in it so we add 10cm for trimming.


    To calculate the amount of interlining required to make a pair of curtains:

    • Multiply the "Number of fabric widths" by Interlining Cut Drop

    Alternatively try our online calculator.

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    Hi can I use black out fabric for an interlining & then line out curtains with a more decorative lining? These curtains are for patio doors & I want to make a feature when looking back into building whilst blocking out light when closed.
    Sew Helpful
    You can do that, there is an example on our Dolman and Taylor Blog where we used a combined blackout interlining inside a curtain with a decorative ticking lining. (You'll see in the blog photos we made a few modifications to this standard method tutorial taking the back fabric to the edge.)

    Take care not to herringbone sitich through to the face fabric as the blackout is quite tough.
    On the above post you said you used a combined blackout in the center. Was it a bonded combo (like duette) or did you have an inter liner and a separate blackout in the center?
    Sew Helpful
    It was bonded (not 2 layers)
    I'm a complete novice at this. What should I look out for when buyig lining and interlining? I live in the USA where I don't think interlining for curtains is very common so if I google interlining it gives me what I think is interlining for clothing rather than curtains....
    Sew Helpful
    There ia an Interlining Guide in our BLOG where Cindy looks at the different interlinings and what she uses them for.
    Karen Beck
    Hi, i subscribed to the wrong tutorial today. I need the one with the interlining. Can I please change it.
    Sew Helpful
    Please see your email

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