How to make -
A Plain Cushion
zipped in a plain or patterned fabric
Step 5: Insert the Zip


  • Ensure the zip is at least 4cm longer than the zip opening.
  • Lay the closed zip right side down onto the seam (centre of the zip on centre of the seam).
  • Machine stitch the zip onto the seam down both sides and across each end.
  • Reinforce the stitching across the ends of the zip.
  • Remove the line of tacking stitches.
  • Open the zip.
This video shows you
  • What colour thread to use.
  • How to position the zip.
  • How to manipulate the zip when it is sewn in.
  • How to make straight stitch lines.
  • How to trim down the zip.

Questions & Comments


What type of zips should I buy? I bought 8 already and although the right length and colour, I hadn't thought about the size of the zipper pull. The ones that I've got have quite large zip pulls which are not going to sit discreetly in the seam of the cushion. I've since seen zips called invisible zips, which seem to have much smaller zip pulls. Would you recommend those instead? Or a continuous roll of zip and then decorative ends.

Who knew there could be some much choice (and confusion)!

Also I have purchased your Roman Blind and Pencil Pleat Tutorials and am finding them to be excellent. I have already made one Roman Blind and am so pleased with the professional result that I achieved. Now I am starting on the curtains - how I wish I had a large table to use like you do. Pity my poor knees!


I’m so pleased that you are finding the tutorial useful and, more importantly, have made furnishings to be proud of!

I know what you mean about working on the floor. I made all my curtains like that years ago - it’s a killer for back and knees. Having a large table definitely helps.

So….zips. You can use invisible zips but these require a totally different method of insertion than regular zips. I am not sure what zips you bought but I’d go for something like these…

A huge range of colour and lengths. I hope they are not the same as you already have? If they are, then probably an invisible zip is the way to go. Here is an image of an invisible zip that I put in a cushion last week…. Cindy


Does this mean the stitching for both sides of the zip will be visible? Is there a way of doing it so that the stitching is hidden? Thanks.


Yes the stitching will show, to do that you would have to use an invisible zip method.

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