How to make -
A Plain Cushion
zipped in a plain or patterned fabric
Step 2: Cut the Fabric


Cut 2 pieces of fabric the size and shape of the cushion pad.

  • Mark the shape of the cushion pad on the fabric twice.
  • Cut 2 panels out.
  • Check you have any pattern the right way up and decide which edge will be the bottom of the cushion where the zip will be.
  • Mark the bottom right side of each panel with a pin.
This video shows you
  • How to make a template.
  • How to mark fabric panels.
  • How to position a pattern.
  • How to cut fabric panels.

Questions & Comments

Nicola Blackwell

Do you suggest overlocking/zigzag stitching the sides together or before you join the sides of the cushion? Thank you


You could individually overlock/zigzag the zip side of the panels. Work on the zip and then overlock/zigzag the other 3 sides together when joining the panels. That would save some thread rather than overlocking the 3 sides individually.

We tend to  overlock/zigzag each panel individually first and then just work with each panel totally overlocked. This has the advantage that if you make a mistake overlocking the 2 panels together you will have to cut through all the thread to separate them (its not as easy as unpicking a line of stitching).

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