How to make -
A Plain Zipped Cushion
Step 3: Overlock the Fabric Edges


For a more professional finish Overlock or zigzag stitch ALL the sides of the fabric panels.

  • As a minimum overlock or zigzag stitch the bottom edges of the cut panels (to prevent fraying & loose threads getting stuck in the zip).
  • Decide which is your front and rear panel.
This video shows you
  • How to zigzag stitch the edge.
  • How to overlock.
  • How to overlock around corners.
  • How to finish your overlock stitching.

Questions & Comments

Moira Davidson

What size of zigzag stitch are you doing on normal machine. I don’t have an over locker. Thanks


We don't set a size we just look to make it wide and narrow.

Moira Davidson

Can you cut your cushion fabric with pinking scissors to save having to zig zag to prevent fraying.


Yes you can do that. We would still overlock the edges on the zip side though.

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