How to make -
A Piped Cushion
zipped in a plain or patterned fabric
Step 9: Finish the Cushion


The cover is still only joined on one side, we now stitch the other sides together:

  • Lay the right sides together again (face to face) and align the edges.
  • MAKE SURE your zip is at least partially open.
  • Machine stitch with a zip foot around the 3 unjoined sides, keeping your stitching tight to the piping.
  • Attach the ends of the zip neatly to the fold backs of the face fabric.


Your cushion cover will currently be inside out:

  • Press the cushion cover if necessary
  • Pull the cover through the zip opening to turn it through the right way.
  • Insert the pad
  • Close the zip
This video shows you
  • How to pin the panels together.
  • How to deal with overlocker thread tails.
  • Why we don't just stitch round in one go.
  • How to machine stitch the panels together.
  • How to sew the corners.

Questions & Comments

Anne Cooper

I have now made 5 cushions following your steps and whilst I am overall pleased with the results, I am unhappy with the corners. I seem to end up with lots of fabric bunched up and not a neat finish. After previous dressmaking experience, I am surprised you don't cut the inner corners at 45degrees to reduce the bulk when they are turned the right way and surprised you just sew at right angles across the corners


You can do that to reduce bulk if you have a bulky fabric. There are also templates that help make the corners a better shape and stop (dog ears)

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