How to make -
A Piped Cushion
zipped in a plain or patterned fabric
Step 5: Make the Piping


Join the strips of piping fabric to make the required continuous length. To join strips:

  • Lay Strip A right side up.
  • Lay the bottom of strip B right side down across the top of strip A at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • Machine stitch along the dashed line in fig 1.
  • Fold Strip B up to align with Strip A (fig 2).
  • Press open the seam.
  • Trim away the excess either side of the join.


  • Lay the continuous length of fabric right side down
  • Lay the piping cord on top in the centre of the fabric.
  • Fold the fabric edges up around the cord to enclose it.
  • Allow excess cord at each end and knot one end so the cord doesn't slip out when working with the piping.
  • Machine stitch the sides together using a zip foot (not to tight) to hold the cord enclosed in the fabric.
This video shows you
  • How to join piping strips.
  • How to trim down the joins.
  • Why we don't use a piping foot.
  • Where to sew your stitch line when enclosing the cord.

Questions & Comments


I am waiting for piping cord to be delivered but am impatient to get on with my cushions...

Can I use other cord eg from posh shopping bags and can I join lengths of cord together to get the full length I need? An alternative would be to make the piping without encasing any cord.

What would you advise?


I understand your frustration at having to wait but we would never recommend “making do” - you will regret it. It’s all about doing the best you can and I would wait.


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