How to make -
A Piped Cushion
zipped in a plain or patterned fabric
Step 8b: Insert the zip


Next attach the other side of the zip to the cushion:

  • Close the zip. (but make sure you can still open it when zip sewn in)
  • Fold the fabric back along the pressed fold line.
  • Tack the fold edge to where the piping edge meets the zip. (to hold the opening closed and aligned)
  • With a zip foot, machine stitch the zip to the fold.(the stitch will be on the face of the cushion so take care to get it straight and use a matching thread - extra tacking helps here see video). Start and finish this line of stitching 4cm from each end.
  • Trim the zip end if necessary and reinforce stitch the teeth closed.
  • Remove the tacking stitches.
This video shows you
  • How to get a neat join.
  • How to tack in the right place.
  • Which colour thread to use.
  • How to manipulate the zip when sewing in to make a neat job.
  • How to get straight stitch lines.

Questions & Comments

Sue Perry

how do I purchase a day's viewing - I can only find prices for 1 month or 3 month's tutorial.


We only offer 1 month or 3months on the curtain and blind tutorials and 28days on the cushion tutorials.

Anetta Hall

I've machined sewn my zipper into my piped cushion cover ;(right sides together)and one side looks neat but the other side looks tatty?? Any suggestions.


Hi Anetta

Have you followed the techniques we showed in the videos? Or just tried to do it following the written instructions. The videos show how we do it in detail.


I purchased a day's viewing of the piped cushion videos yesterday and today have a lovely cushion. I am now confident to make more. As you say in your tip the videos are extremely well worthwhile and great value for money! Your written tutorial is clear and extremely high quality, but nothing replaces a good demonstration. Your commentary and hints are very helpful and the close-up shots are superb. Thank you so much from a grateful sewer. PS I haven't tacked for a long time but followed your advice to do this on the zip, and got superior results.


Wow thanks for the great feedback.

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