How to make -
A Piped Cushion
zipped in a plain or patterned fabric
Step 4: Cut the Piping Fabric


  • Mark and cut out 5cm wide strips at an angle 45 degrees across the fabric roll.
  • The longer the strips the better to avoid joins.
  • Put a pin in the bottom right side of each strip (so you can ensure the direction of the fabric grain is right when joining strips).
This video shows you
  • Why we cut at 45deg across the grain.
  • How to layout and mark your piping strips.
  • How to cut your piping strips.


Cutting the strips at 45 deg to the grain is best practice as it allows the fabric to stretch when bending the piping around a tight corner. That said you can cut straight strips with the grain. It will work and uses less fabric.

Questions & Comments


Thank you Cindy, I'll try that.



Thank you for your wonderfully clear and calm instructions!

I want to edge one of the cushions with a bought cord, which has a flange so that it can be sewn in.

But how do I join the two ends?

Simply bend the ends in at a corner?

Many thanks


We would fold them in over each other, so the ends are buried in the cushion. We would do this at the zip end but you could do this at a corner.

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