• - Fabric
  • - Lining
  • - Thread
  • - Heading Tape
  • - Weights
  • - Curtain Hooks
  • Tools
  • - Sewing Machine
  • - Needles
  • - Pins
  • - Clamps
  • - Scissors
  • - Set Square
  • - Straight Edge
  • - Invisible Marker
  • - Tape Measure
  • Step 10: Finish the Curtains
    Printable Worksheet
    Printable Worksheet


    • Hang your curtains.
    This video shows you
    • How to hang your curtains
    • How to dress your curtains for a professional finish

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    Sew Helpful
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    Hi, I just wanted to thank you for a wonderfully clear, well-written tutorial. I have just hung my first ever set of home-made curtains, made according to your instructions,and I am thrilled with the way they hang and the professional finish. I just wish you had one for pinch pleat curtains as well!
    Sew Helpful
    Next week we should have a tutorial on How to make an interlined blind up and running. We will look at hand pleated headings next. Follow us on facebook by liking us, or follow us on twitter to get updates on when the new tutorials are online.
    Stacey P-B
    Thank you so much! We are due to move into our first home (owned) and the thought of buying a whole house of curtains daunted me. Yet with this simple guide I am in the middle of making them all. And I was quite an amateur seamstress to begin with. So thank you, because your fab tutorial has saved me a lot of money and meant I could have fitted curtains in whatever fabric I liked!

    1 down 11 to go!
    Sew Helpful
    Great!! We would love to see what you have made and show it on our What Youve Made Pinterest Board.

    If you have any photos you would like to send email them to 
    What a help you have been in reminding me how to make curtains - thank you very much. They look lovely and very professional!
    Sew Helpful
    We would love to see what you have made and show it on our What Youve Made Pinterest Board.
    If you have any photos you would like to send email them to
    Thank you so much for this amazing tutorial. I really didn't think I would be able to do it but I did!! I never finish any project normally!
    I have started with a single hallway curtain but now have the confidence to do floor length living room curtains.
    Sew Helpful
    That's great Jules

    To you and anyone else who has made curtains with our tutorials we'd love to see some pictures and post them on our What You've Made pinterest board. You can send them to 
    Sandra Bartlett
    Once purchased how long do you have to wait to see the videos?
    Sew Helpful
    They will play immeadiately automatically if your browser is compatable, otherwise an email is sent immeadiately on purchase that contains a Passcode.

    NOTE: The passcode email often gets put in JUNK folders, especially if you have hotmail account.
    Christine Potter
    I have been told there is a video on your site which shows how to insert buckram for double pleats Where is it?
    Sew Helpful
    It is not on the site as we haven't made that tutorial yet (its close only a few weeks away).

    Google  "how to insert buckram youtube"

    and you will find it on youtube. 
    Thank you so much for this amazing tutorial. I agreed to my husbands suggestion that I make my first pair of curtains for our baby girls room on the proviso I could find a good online tutorial. And you totally delivered! I was so nervous starting out but I now have a pair of curtains hanging that's I'm really proud of. I definitely could do things better next time around, but I never thought my first attempt would turn out so well. Thanks so much for your generosity in providing so much information for free. Amazing!
    Fantastic instructions - thanks very much! I would recommend them to anyone. I have made curtains several times before but they have never looked as good as the ones I've just made following your instructions. I found the videos made things very clear, so I would say it's worth paying a little money to access them.
    Thanks a lot, i have just made a pair of curtains for my daughters twin baby boys room. Thanks to your tutorial and the excellent videos that make everything really clear. i have made of pair of really professional looking curtains. Great
    Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your tutorial. I made my first curtain and thanks to your guidance I don't think anyone would tell I was a beginner. I made a huge 220cm long curtain for 285cm curtain rail and used 2.5 fullness ratio and it looks absolutely amazing. Not only saved a few hundred pounds but also have got a lot of pride that I made it myself. I think you are a good teacher and your instructions are so clear that during the whole process I did not have any questions or confusions. I think you are great. Thanks!
    Sew Helpful
    Thank you Maija for such kind feedback and comments. 
    Extremely clear and helpful tutorial, thank you so much. Please can you do one with interlining too? (And is it possible to add interlining to an existing curtain, or do I need to remake?) Thank you!
    Sew Helpful
    We are making the interlined one now. To add interlining to a curtain you would have to take it completely apart then remake it. 
    Caroline Soer
    Finished a lovely pair of curtains in a few days with your superb tutorial. Thank you very much! Another roman blind next:)
    Pippa Pugh
    Thank you thank you thank you!!!! Such a good tutorial, I have just completed my first set of pencil pleat curtains and am so pleased with the finish. I attribute this entirely to the excellent tuition through the videos (£10 very well spent!)
    Alison M
    I have made 2 pairs of curtains following your tutorials and am very happy with how they have turned out. These are not my first curtains but they are by far the best. The videos are so clear and easy to follow and I am now considering making a roman blind as I trust your tutorials. Thank you!
    Tracey Emmerton
    These instructions were really clear and easy to follow, I am so pleased with how my curtains have turned out, I think they look professionally made, thank you so much.

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