Step 10: Finish the Curtains
Printable Worksheet
Printable Worksheet


  • Hang your curtains.
This video shows you
  • How to hang your curtains
  • How to dress your curtains for a professional finish

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Fantastic instructions - thanks very much! I would recommend them to anyone. I have made curtains several times before but they have never looked as good as the ones I've just made following your instructions. I found the videos made things very clear, so I would say it's worth paying a little money to access them.

Caroline Soer

Finished a lovely pair of curtains in a few days with your superb tutorial. Thank you very much! Another roman blind next

Pippa Pugh

Thank you thank you thank you!!!! Such a good tutorial, I have just completed my first set of pencil pleat curtains and am so pleased with the finish. I attribute this entirely to the excellent tuition through the videos

Alison M

I have made 2 pairs of curtains following your tutorials and am very happy with how they have turned out. These are not my first curtains but they are by far the best. The videos are so clear and easy to follow and I am now considering making a roman blind as I trust your tutorials. Thank you!

Tracey Emmerton

Tracey Emmerton

These instructions were really clear and easy to follow, I am so pleased with how my curtains have turned out, I think they look professionally made, thank you so much.

Sandra Bartlett

Would just like to say how brilliant are your instructions and videos. Have just hung my pencil pleat curtains and am so pleased with the results. Am not a complete novice and have made curtains before but using your method gave me far more professional results. Learned some new stitches too as hadn't heard of ladder stitch! Thank you and will certainly recommend you to friends and family.



Just made my first pair of curtains and am very pleased with them, though I might shorten them 10mm, which I think might be very easy using your method of construction. Thank you. The videos are most helpful.


Could you move the hook position rather than re-make?

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