How to make - (Double Pleat)
Pinch Pleat Lined Curtains
Step 10: Hang the Curtains


  • Insert curtain pin hooks into the back of each pleat at the correct Hook to Top position.
  • Insert a hook on the Return flap.
  • Insert a hook on the Overlap of the curtain if required - (see video)
  • Make sure you have the appropriate number of rings on the track or pole.
  • Hang your curtains.
This video shows you
  • How and where to place hooks
  • How to hang your curtains
  • How to bind and dress your curtains for a professional finish

Questions & Comments


Hello, I’m

Trying to hang some super heavy goblet topped curtains, I put the hook into the back of the pleat, but when I hang them the top of the curtain angles forward a bit and isn’t upright straight. I feel like it wPlus hang better if the hook was higher up but is that the right way?


The pole is pushing the pleats forward. For a better effect you would hang them below the pole. (yes hooks higher up)


Hi, I am going to make a pair of double pleat curtains but I want to put them on a track rather than a pole . Does the track need to be on the edge of the recess so spaces go back ? Or can I put the track say 10 cms above recess and do smaller spaces ? Or can you suggest any other ideas? I have purchased your video but still struggling , thanks Karen .


Outside a recess we would extend the track 15 to 20cm either side of the window and place it above the recess. Brackets can hold a track away from the wall depending on what track you have.  If you have no room for stack back the spaces will have to push forward when the curtains are pulled back.


I've just proudly hung up my curtains only to realise to my horror that the print is upside down!

As you can see from the pattern, it is possible to leave them as they are but I have another large window to make matching curtains for so I would need to make these upside down too. My family didn't realise that it was the wrong way up until I said and they all think they look fine.

I am considering unpicking these ones because I used sew-in buckram rather than iron-on, but I'm worried that the fabric will be marked too much. What do you think?


Hi Anne

Obviously in the workroom we would remake them the right way up, however for you this is a tricky one. Having seen the image, they look fine to me (and beautifully made) but only you know that they are upside down. I would say this really depends on how bothered you are about it and if it is going to bug you every time you look at them vs if you can face unpicking and remaking. I would say the fabric would be fine if you do decide to unpick (being a pattern you will be less likely to see previous stitch marks - running an iron over the stitch line will help disguise it too). Best to do it sooner rather than later.

This really is a personal decision. If you have plenty of time and nothing else to do, then remake. 



Brilliant instructions....huge pair of 6 m wide 3 m long curtains made...thank you so much (as well as about 15 roman blinds now

Sue Simpson

When you put the hooks into each pleat do you just use the stitching of the pleat to secure the hook or do you go through the buckram as well.


You go through the buckram (make sure the pin doesn't pierce through the face fabric). For a heavy curtain we would put a pin hook either side of the stitch line, ie 2 pins for one curtain ring.


Thank you so much for this tutorial, everything was so clearly explained and worth every penny.

I have just finished my pinch pleat curtains and I'm so pleased with them.

The problem is that I have used a fabric that is so thick and heavy I can barely lift a single curtain, each one must weigh about 15 kilos!! It is the thickest, heaviest fabric I have ever seen.

The lady I purchased the fabric from said that pin hooks often tear through the buckram and lining on heavy curtains.

I did a test on some spare buckram with lining attached and sure enough, the pin hooks tore right through.

How do you recommend hanging very heavy drapes? Would you use sew on hooks rather than pin hooks?

Thank you again, great tutorial!


We double pin hook on heavy curtains (2 pins for each curtain ring eyelet) and have not had a problem. It sounds like your buckram isn't that strong. As for sew on hooks we can't really advise, the only times we have used them was for making curtains for the national trust and they weren't heavy, the hooks were sewn onto the lining not into the buckram (which is very hard to sew into) . We don't use sew on hooks in the workroom due to the amount of labour required.


Thanks so much. I did that - two hooks per pleat, one on each side through the buckram, but I also reinforced them by stitching upholstery thread through the buckram, between the pleats and under each hook. If they can tear through upholstery thread, that will be something! So far, the curtains are still hanging!! Thanks again for this WONDERFUL tutorial and the advice. The curtains look beautiful and it's all down to you! Well... plus a little sewing from me!! Merry Christmas!

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