Match Pleats to Fabric Pattern


Fabric width required, Number of pleats, their spacing and sizes.

Pattern Match - Pleat Calculator




Use this calculator to make your pleats fall in the same place on the fabric's horizontal pattern repeat. By varying the number of pleats, the calculator will find the width of farbric panel required, pleat sizes, gap sizes and the fullness ratio of the curtain.

How to Calculate your pleats

  • Fold a sample pleat to find approximately what your ideal width of pleat and gap size is.
  • Enter the following values in cms.
    • Horizontal pattern repeat
    • Finished curtain width
    • Left end
    • Right end
    • Side turn allowance (value for one side)
  • Then select:
    • The number of horizontal patterns between pleats
    • Number of pleats
    • Press Enter to Calculate
  • Change the number of pleats and recalculate until you find the best pleat size, gap size and fullness ratio for your curtain.

* Note 1: The side turn allowance figure entered should be for one side turn. The calcuation will take into account there is a side turn on each side.

* Note 2: The calculated "Fabric Panel width required" is the width of JOINED fabric needed to make the curtain. You may need more fabric to allow for pattern joins. It includes one extra horizontal pattern repeat to enable the positioning of the pleats on the pattern.