How to make -
A Lampshade
In The Kit
  • - Frame rings
  • - Lampshade lining
  • - Frame tape
  • - Packing tool
  • Also Needed
  • - Fabric
  • - Iron
  • - Scissors
  • - Pencil
  • Optional
  • - Trim
  • - Masking tape
  • - Fabric glue
  • - Vanishing marker
  • - Sharp Knife
  • Lampshade Tutorials
    Step 3: Attach Rings


    • **** WARNING ***** If you have a patterned fabric make sure you get it the right way up. The ring with the lampshade holder bracket will be at the bottom of a table lamp lampshade and at the top of a ceiling lampshade.
    • Apply tape to the outside edges of the rings.
    • Roll the tape around the rings.
    • Remove the cover paper from the tapes on the rings.
    • Starting at the end of the fabric panel that doesn't have the seam tape, stick the first ring onto the PVC edge of the panel (Not the fabric).
    • Stick the other ring on the opposite edge.
    • Make sure the lampshade holder bracket is inside the lampshade.
    • Roll both rings around the panel keeping the ring inline with the PVC edge.
    • When you get to the overlap.
    • Remove the cover paper from the seam edge tape.
    • Overlap the panel and press the seam together.
    This video shows
    • Applying tape to the rings.
    • Ring placement on the liner (very important).
    • Rolling the rings onto the panel.
    • Joining the seam.