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A Lampshade

Making a Lampshade from a kit

This FREE tutorial shows you in detail on how to make a lampshade from a kit, with demonstration videos as well as written instructions.

It includes

  • FREE Full Written Instructions
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The videos demonstrate making a drum shaped lampshade, the basic making method is essentially the same for all lampshade shapes. However there are a few small differences for cone ,oval and square shaped shades. We also have specific tutorials for these lampshade types.


1. Your fabric may fray when you remove the top and bottom edge strips, as the adhesive on these strips pulls the threads out when you peel them away. This fraying may be seen on the fabric inside the shade tucked around the shade ring.

2. Your trimmed side edge that forms the join on the outside of the lampshade may look slightly frayed. We cut a thin flap to fold over and create a very neat edge. (see tutorial)

3. You may not have quite enough fabric to tuck under the ring at the join as this area is slightly thicker. We add a few mm more in this area. (see tutorial)