How to make -
A Coolie (Cone) Lampshade
In The Kit
  • - Frame rings
  • - Lampshade lining
  • - Frame tape
  • - Packing tool
  • Also Needed
  • - Fabric
  • - Iron
  • - Scissors
  • - Pencil
  • Optional
  • - Trim
  • - Masking tape
  • - Fabric glue
  • - Vanishing marker
  • - Sharp Knife
  • Lampshade Tutorials
    Step 2: Attach Fabric Panel to the Rings


    • Lay the lampshade lining on top of the fabric panel adhesive side down.
    • Peel the adhesive cover away from the lining panel.
    • Stick the lampshade lining on the fabric - starting at the marked position.
    • Trim the fabric flush at one end (inside edge of join)
    • Trim the fabric leaving a 5mm excess at the other end (outside edge of join)
    • Neatly cut along the top and bottom of the liner (leave an extra 3mm of fabric top and bottom for 2cm at the outside edge end) - see diagram.


    • Bend the top and bottom edge strips of the liner back (along the score lines) until they crack/fold.
    • Gently peal the edge strips away from the fabric (take your time to prevent fraying).
    • Lay the lined fabric panel, fabric facing down.
    • Stick red adhesive tape to the edge of the liner panel that has the excess 5mm of fabric. Peal the cover off the tape, fold the excess 5mm over and stick it down onto the tape to form a neat edge.
    • Stick another layer of red adhesive tape on top of the folded over fabric leaving the cover paper on the tape. This tape will stick the seam together later.
    This video shows
    • Making a drum shaped lampshade plus differences for a cone shaped shade.
    • Sticking the lining to the fabric - avoiding creases.
    • Marking out the fabric with 5mm and 3mm extra allowances.
    • Cutting the excess fabric away.
    • Removing the top and bottom strips. (carefully to avoid fraying)
    • Double taping the seam join. (top tip for a very neat seam)