How to make -
A Square Lampshade
In The Kit
  • - Frame rings
  • - Lampshade lining
  • - Frame tape
  • - Packing tool
  • Also Needed
  • - Fabric
  • - Iron
  • - Scissors
  • - Pencil
  • Optional
  • - Trim
  • - Masking tape
  • - Fabric glue
  • - Vanishing marker
  • - Sharp Knife
  • Lampshade Tutorials
    Step 1: Prepare the Fabric Panel
    In the kit you'll find
    • 1   Lampshade lining panel (adhesive backed)
    • 2   Frame rings (one with holder)
    • 1   Roll of frame tape
    • 1   Packing tool
    • 1   Set of instructions
    You will also need your fabric, scissors and fabric glue if you are applying a trim.


    • Press your fabric .
    • Cut the fabric panel down to a workable size* taking into account the positioning of any pattern on the shade.
    • Place the fabric face down on the table.
    • Check you are happy with the fabric's grain and the position of a stripe or pattern.
    • Mark a guide line along the bottom the edge of the lining onto the fabric with a pencil. Also mark a start position if you are placing a pattern.
    • Smooth the fabric out flat (tape it down onto the table with masking tape or use clamps if necessary).
    This video shows
    • Making a drum shaped lampshade, it is the same method for a square shaped shade at this stage.
    • Pressing the fabric.
    • Placing a pattern.
    • Marking out the fabric.