How to make -
An Oval Lampshade
In The Kit
  • - Frame rings
  • - Lampshade lining
  • - Frame tape
  • - Packing tool
  • Also Needed
  • - Fabric
  • - Iron
  • - Scissors
  • - Pencil
  • Optional
  • - Trim
  • - Masking tape
  • - Fabric glue
  • - Vanishing marker
  • - Sharp Knife
  • Lampshade Tutorials
    Step 3: Attach Rings


    • **** WARNING ***** If you have a patterned fabric make sure you get it the right way up. The ring with the lampshade holder bracket will be at the bottom of a table lamp lampshade and at the top of a ceiling lampshade.
    • Lay one ring on top of the other and mark the 6 o'clock spoke position of the lamp holder ring on the plain ring. (to make sure we align the ovals later)
    • Apply tape to the outside edges of the rings.
    • Roll the tape around the rings.
    • Remove the cover paper from the tapes on the rings.
    • Starting at the end of the fabric panel that doesn't have the seam tape, stick the first ring onto the PVC edge of the panel (Not the fabric). Make sure the 6 o'clock spoke is in line with the end of the liner.
    • Stick the other ring on the opposite edge. Make sure the 6 o'clock spoke mark is in line with the end of the liner. (this aligns the ovals)
    • Make sure the lampshade holder bracket is inside the lampshade.
    • Roll both rings around the panel keeping the ring inline with the PVC edge.
    • When you get to the overlap.
    • Remove the cover paper from the seam edge tape.
    • Overlap the panel and press the seam together.
    This video shows
    • Applying tape to the rings.
    • How to align the oval rings.
    • Ring placement on the liner (very important).
    • Roliing the rings onto the panel.
    • Joining the seam.
    (Note the video is based on making a standard drum shaped kit, the alignment of the oval rings is the only difference at this stage and is shown in the video.)