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Blackout Roman Blind
Step 9: Stab Stitch
Printable Worksheet
Printable Worksheet


  • With the blind laying fabric face down, smooth the lining.
  • Mark the positions to attach the rings/breakouts on the rod pockets. The position of the rings/breakouts will be where the headrail cords cross the rod pockets. Cords should be 10cm from the sides of the blind and evenly across at no more than 35cm intervals. (always use all cords supplied with a headrail kit)
  • There will be a stab stitch at each ring/breakout (also on heavy or wide blinds stab stitch between the rings/breakouts)
  • Mark and pin the positions of all your stab stitches.

Included in this video
  • An overview of where the cords cross the rod pockets on the back of a blind.


Now sew in all your stab stitches.

Included in this video
  • What colour thread to use.
  • How to achieve small and neat stab stitches.
  • How to start and finish the stitch.

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Emma Haas

What is the rule to the amount of rod pocket cords to the width of the blind? Many thanks.


That is covered in point 2 in the instructions above.

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