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Blackout Roman Blind
Step 10: Insert Rods & Attach Rings
Printable Worksheet
Printable Worksheet


  • Cut the fibreglass rods approx 0.5cm shorter than the rod pocket lengths.
  • Insert the fibreglass rods into the pocket using end caps if you have them.
  • Hand sew the ends of the rod pockets closed.

PRO TIP: Put a pencil in the far end when pushing the rods through to stop the rod getting caught on the 2cm side turn of the lining inside the pocket.

Included in this video
  • Best tool for cutting the rods.


You will have established the position of the cords down the back of the blind previously in STEP 9 when working out your stab stitch positions. At each point where a cord crosses a rod pocket you will now need to sew on a ring or breakout. Whether you need to use a ring or breakout will depend on the headrail and child safety breakout system you are using, please refer to the instructions with your kit.

If you are using rod pocket tape please see the extra instructions at the bottom of the page.

  • Hand sew the rings and/or breakouts in the correct positions
Included in this video
  • Best thread to use.


After inserting a rod, fold the tape end under and hand stitch the last 2.5cm of the rod pocket tape to the lining.

If you are using Rod Pocket Tape often you can use a loop on the tape rather than a ring and the breakouts supplied with your kit may clip to the tape rather than having to be sewn on.

Questions & Comments

Wendy Noble

when attaching the rod tape do you centre it it the point where your calculations say or line it up above or below this point?


This is covered at the bottom of  STEP 5


Can I please ask what the function of a break out is and why you would use one instead of a ring?

Kind thanks


Hi Cheryl

Since EU rules came in several years ago for child safety, all mechanisms should come with the appropriate child safety features.

The break outs on the bottom rows will do exactly that (break out) if a child were to get their head caught in the cords. Rings would not do this.

Kind regards



Thank you Cindy that’s really important to know my kit doesn’t come with them so I’ll look on line for these!

Thank you!

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