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How to make Curtains

Learn how to make curtains the way we make them in our professional workroom. FREE online step by step instructions to make lined and interlined curtains with pencil pleat, pinch pleat, double pleat, triple pleat, cartridge pleat or goblet pleat headings.

All the written information on this site is FREE to access and use NOW!!!

(NO passwords, NO email sign up, NO Hassle, just use it and learn from it!!!!) If you choose to also unlock the demonstration videos embeded in the tutorials there is a charge (from £7.95 per tutorial)

How to make lined curtains

How to make interlined curtains

If you can't afford the time or money to attend day courses in a workshop, then we think these tutorials are the next best thing, with comprehensive FREE written instructions, FREE Calculators and your questions answered about the tutorial at the bottom of each page. The step by step instructions take you from measuring the window through to hanging and dressing the curtain at the end. Calculations of fabric quantities and how to set your pleats out are covered in detail, with links to some handy online calculators on the site, to help check your calculations.

The website is responsive as well so you should be able to read and watch it on your iphone or tablet when making.

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