Step 9b: Form the Triple Pleats


  • Lay the curtain down, right side facing up.
  • Hold the pleat flap up.
  • Push the centre of the pleat flap down so the sides of the pleat start to spread outwards either side.
  • Continue pushing down until the flaps spreading outwards either side are the same size as the flap you are holding vertically
  • With the vertical flap touching the back of the pleat, pull the 2 sides up along side, so all 3 folds are the same height
  • Stitch all 3 folds together at the base of the buckram.
  • At the top of the pleat 0.5cm either side if the centre of the pleat stitch the back of each side flap to the curtain heading behind.
  • Stitch together the top of the centre flap where the 2 sides pinch together.
  • Repeat for each pleat.
This video shows you
  • How to fold a triple pleat
  • How to pinch and stitch the bottom of the pleat
  • How to stitch the top of the pleat
  • How to start and finish your stitches so you cant see them

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