Step 6b: Hem the Fabric panels


Hem the bottom edge of the fabric panels and add curtain weights. This is a double hem (turned twice) 8cm for sill length curtains and 10cm for floor length curtains:

  • Position curtain weights 6cm in from each end of the fabric panel (to allow for side turns in the next Step) and at half width intervals.
  • Sew the curtain weights flush with the bottom of the curtain panel. (when the hem is folded up twice they will sit on the bottom of the hem)
  • Fold up the bottom (10cm or 8cm)
  • Fold up another (10cm or 8cm)
  • Pin the hem in place.
This video shows you
  • How to position and sew in weights.
  • How to fold and pin the hem.


View this next video to see the machine options on your sewing machine for machine stitching and how to hand stitch the hem.

This video will show you
  • Machine straight line stitch.
  • Machine blind hem stitch.
  • How to blind hem with a hand stitch in detail.

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Would you put weights in curtains with a 15cm puddle and if so whereabouts should it fixed?


Yes we would put weights in them, in the same positions as the instructions.

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