Step 5b: Hem the Lining Panels
Printable Worksheet
Printable Worksheet


Hem the bottom edge of the linings. This is a double hem (turned twice) 6cm for sill length curtains and 8cm for floor length curtains:

  • Fold up the bottom (8cm or 6cm)
  • Fold up another (8cm or 6cm)
  • Pin and machine stitch
  • Now put your lining panels to one side, we will deal with the fabric next.
This video shows you
  • Quick and easy ways to fold and mark your hem.
  • How to stich your hem.

Questions & Comments


Do you recommend putting weights in your curtains? If you do, do you recommend penny weights or lead tape?


The weights go in the fabric hems not the lining, this is covered in STEP 6b.


I have a pole length of 270cm and my fabric is 135cm. I have worked out that I will need 4 widths per curtain panel. I'm using a pattern fabric which has a very small pattern so a join is unlikely to be seen.

With regards to joining the fabric, it makes sense to join down the middle as the width is exactly half the pole length, but I have always been told (and read from tutorials) that it isn't good practice to have a join bang in the middle.

What do you do when faced with this situation?

Do you still join in the middle?

Or split it so there is half width-full width- half width?


That's not what we do, we would join 2 full widths on one curtain and 2 full widths on the other. Doing what you suggest would end up with 4 joins in the pair of curtains rather than 2. 


My lining roll width is 137cm and the curtain fabric is 150cm. My curtains are made made with a 2.2 fullness and my required 3.5 panels has been rounded has been rounded up 4. I have sewn a narrow seam on the lining panels. Do I adjust the sides of the curtain panels or add a narrow panel to the lining (I would need to buy more and therefore cost more!)

Your videos are fantastic and so helpful, i'm on a huge learning curve.


If you were to cut your fabric panels down to fit the lining and they come to less than 2.2 fullness (when sides are turned). For us that would not be enough fabric so  we would add extra lining instead of cutting the fabric down.

Joanne Holmes

Hi. Ive left a 5CM for trimming allowance. But I didn't need any of it. What do I do with this extra 5CM. Do I trim it off?


Leave it you will trim it down when you make the heading of the curtain.


When you hem your curtains on the sewing machine what is the recommended sewing machine stitch length you recommend


We just use the standard stitch on the machine, We don't adjust the stitch length.

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