How to make -
Pinch Lined Pleat Curtains
(Double Pleat)
  • - Fabric
  • - Lining
  • - Thread
  • - Buckram
  • - Weights
  • - Curtain Hooks
  • Tools
  • - Sewing Machine
  • - Needles
  • - Pins
  • - Clamps
  • - Scissors
  • - Set Square
  • - Straight Edge
  • - Invisible Marker
  • Step 6b: Hem the Fabric panels
    Printable Worksheet
    Printable Worksheet


    Hem the bottom edge of the fabric panels and add curtain weights. This is a double hem (turned twice) 8cm for sill length curtains and 10cm for floor length curtains:

    • Position curtain weights 6cm in from each end of the fabric panel (to allow for side turns in the next Step) and at half width intervals.
    • Sew the curtain weights flush with the bottom of the curtain panel. (when the hem is folded up twice they will sit on the bottom of the hem)
    • Fold up the bottom (10cm or 8cm)
    • Fold up another (10cm or 8cm)
    • Pin the hem in place.
    This video shows you
    • How to position and sew in weights.
    • How to fold and pin the hem.


    View this next video to see the machine options on your sewing machine for machine stitching and how to hand stitch the hem.

    This video will show you
    • How to machine straight line stitch the hem.
    • How to machine blind hem stitch the hem.
    • How to hand stitch blind hem in detail.

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    Sew Helpful
    Post your questions & comments here, we will reply so everyone can see the answer.
    Do you recommend any particular weights? I have come across lead weight tape for curtain making, is this as effective as individual weights? Thanks
    Sew Helpful
    We use the fabric covered weights (as in the videos) for our customers curtains. You can use the lead tape in lined curtains, we tend to use it more for shears.
    Can you tell me where to buy the curtain table clamps you use? I only have some very rough sharp metal ones from Merrick and Day, yours look kinder to the fabric....thanks
    Sew Helpful
    Try EBay and search for spring clamps.
    Hi, is the interlining sewed only to the fabric panel and not the lining?

    Sew Helpful
    At this stage we are joining the interlining to the fabric. We join the lining to the completed panel later in STEP 7.

    For my full length curtains I have allowed 10 cm for each curtain hem allowance.

    If I fold the hem twice 10 cm first time and 10 cm second time will I not be using 20 cm for the hem allowance for each curtain?

    By doing this will my finished curtain length not be short by 10cm?
    Sew Helpful
    Yes you are using 20cm to make the hem.

    If you go back to STEP 3 you will see in the fabric quantity calculation the hem allowance was 20cm (double 10cm hem). 

    So you should have allowed 20cm for the hem in your fabric quantity and fabric cut drop calculations.
    I'm using my dining room table to work but we need it for meal times! Is there a good way to move/store everything without messing it up?

    If I am making short curtains with 2x8cm hem, should the side fold be 4cm instead of 5 to make it match up better?
    Sew Helpful
    1. I’m afraid you just have to fold it up carefully
    2. No the side turns 5cm regardless
    Heather Farley
    I am joining 1.5 widths of fabric interlining and lining for each curtain. Would you have all the joins on the same side of the curtain or stagger the interlining by laying it the other way to avoid the joins sitting on top of each other and looking too bulky?
    Sew Helpful
    You can do that if you have particularly bulky fabric and interlining. We do not generally find the need to do it that way in the workroom. 

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    L Taylor

    Using the blind hem foot do you have to chafe the setting on the sewing machine ?

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