Musings from the workroom
12th August 15
How we DON'T make our blinds

We often get questions from people following our tutorials asking can I make it this/that way instead?

The answer to their question is invariably yes, but we make our blinds the method in the tutorial*.

(*We have made hundreds of blinds and tried many different methods in the workroom, the way we make our blinds has developed over the years and is based on getting a great finish. This is the way we show you in the tutorial.)

During a recent stay at a holiday cottage, the roman blinds in one of the bedrooms were a good example of some of the ways we DON'T make our blinds. Some of the following is due to poor technique, other things are just a different method.

SEW THE TOP STRAIGHT!! A wonky line of stitching shouts badly made. Mind you in this example you could say the line is straight but the top of the blind is wonky, either way its not a good look. (Our videos will show you the way to use your machine to get the stitching and the top of the blind straight)

PUT A BOTTOM BAR IN the blind, We put a bottom bar in all our roman blinds to give it shape, weight and hold the bottom in a straight line. It will help stop the wiggle you can see in the bottom of this blind.

BALANCE THE BLIND, A very common question is can't I just join one panel on the side? Of course you can and this is how your blind will look. We will always balance the blind with equal sized strips on each side, we think it looks so much more professional.

SEW THE ENDS UP. We would ladder stitch closed the ends. We also dont make our blinds with such a deep hem.

DON'T SEW THROUGH ON THE ROD POCKETS. Many people want to change the tutorial and stitch the rod pockets straight through to the face of the blind thinking this is quick and easy. In our opinion this runs the risk for the beginner of wonky stitch lines and a much less professional looking blind. We stab stitch all our blinds so no stitch lines show on the face of the blind where the rod pockets are.

CUT THE BLIND FABRIC SQUARE, you can see how the left edge of this blind is not straight and in the image below how the top flares out. Cutting straight square fabric panels is probably one of the hardest things to get right and our videos show you how we do it.

What people have said who followed the methods in our tutorials.

Your instructions were invaluable and I'm so pleased with the end result! .......Anna

I've been sewing for years I've learnt lots of techniques that are new to me and that give a much more professional finish........Heather

Thank you for your excellent instructions and videos. I've just hung my blind and am delighted with it. .......Cecily

blind turned out just right.......Maureen

More hand stitching than I initially anticipated, but well worth it for the end result. Thank you!........Sue

The instructions were so clear yet detailed, and the technique was great too .......Katie

I have made many Roman blinds.... This time I've used a kit and followed your instructions implicitly. The resulting three blinds are the best , most professional I have ever made .....Janet