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1st November 16
The Pattern on the Fabric isn't square!!!!

How to deal with fabric where the pattern is not square across the width.

If you cut the fabric square when the pattern is not straight across the width (as in the example below) the panels do not line up straight at the bottom when you join.

To deal with this with some fabrics (some work better than others) we cut the fabric across inline with the pattern and then manipulate the fabric to get the pattern square.

To manipulate the panel we clamp it to the table down at one corner and pull it from the other corner. This pulls the weave and the pattern up inline.

This video shows how we do it.

Wonky Patterned Fabric from on Vimeo.

Extra Help & Comments

Maggie Lloyd
Interested to watch your video. I have tried to manipulate fabric with pattern drift...and eventually managed to pattern match perfectly but after 6 weeks of hanging the curtains reverted back and became horribly distorted. Had to redo all of them.
My inclination now is not to attempt to make up faulty fabric
Sew Helpful
Hi Maggie, very interesting feedback and we agree if the fabric is faulty send it back before cutting if you can. 

We recently made a pair of curtains a couple of months ago with this problem and they are still fine. We will keep the panel we manipulated in the video and lay it out again in 6 weeks and see if it has moved back to the original shape. 
Where did you purchase your T-bar ruler from please?
The only long one I can find is from Merrick & Day & it's about £60!!!!!!
Sew Helpful
Thats the one, we purchased it from them.
This is the problem I had with my fabric when making roman blinds using your tutorial. I did get the pattern straightened out to start with but unfortunately it snuck back a bit skewed as I sewed them. Nobody notices but me but it's still annoying when you spend all that money on fabric and it's warped off the bolt. The lesson I took from this is not to sew large roman blinds from fabric with a very obvious horizontal pattern! The blinds themselves turned out very nicely though, thanks for the great tutorials!
Sew Helpful
Some fabrics are worse than others, we've made with some  that were very difficult and others that turned out well. There is no way of knowing how well the fabric will behave until you get it on the table.
jen prestidge
Would ironing on an interfacing prevent the pattern reverting back to its original shape
Sew Helpful
We've never done that as it would change the texture of the fabric so don't know.

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