Musings from the workroom
28th Feb 15

Half drop pattern repeats can seem quite baffling and we've made a mini tutorial explaining them on the site. We don't make calculations for people when answering questions due to there not being enough hours in the day. We try and put the best FREE information on the web and help people with their understanding. That said this question about half drop pattern repeats came in the other day.

Question: I'm making 4 curtains for a bay, 2 widths either side and 1 1/2 widths either side of the middle. Please can you tell me how to cut.? It's a half drop pattern repeat. Thank you

We answered it with the following diagram as we felt it expanded the content and information on the site, as in this example there was the added consideration of making sure the patterns of all four curtain panels align and match where they meet.

We would cut and join as follows (see diagram above): You'll need 7 drops, remember cut all your odds first, add an extra half full pattern repeat to the last odd, then cut your evens. As you can see you only really need an extra half full pattern repeat. It's the joining and cutting that needs careful thought.

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