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14th June 16
How to make a Lampshade

We have made 4 FREE tutorials with written instructions and FREE videos showing you how to make Drum, Oval, Coolie (Cone) and Square shaped lampshades from a kit.

The kits are all made using the same principle method. The base line video for all the tutorials demonstrates making a drum lampshade and extra info is added where necessary for a square, oval or coolie shade.

Avoid 4 common errors when making.

1. frayed edges inside the shade tucked around the shade ring.

2. Slightly frayed, untidy seam

3. Not have quite enough fabric to tuck under the ring at the join.

4. The ring bulging from the liner.

On YOUTUBE as well

There are quite a few quick videos showing you how to make the kits on youtube, but they don't give much detail or show you the little extra tips in our tutorials to make a really well made shade.

Check out our more detailed YOUTUBE video showing you how we make a drum lampshade.

Extra Help & Comments

mam my question is ..
which fabric or paper is used for lamps shade .
is it normal fabric or paper material ?
plz help me.
Sew Helpful
We use normal fabric,  as the liner in the kits acts as a fire retarder. We have never used paper.

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