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17th Mar 16
Our Curtain Fabric Qty Calculator

We've just added a calculator to the website to calculate the fabric and lining quantities needed to make a lined curtain. Plus much more....

The calculator is based on the calculation methods we use in our tutorials.

  • Pole width
  • Curtain length
  • Heading type
  • Depth of buckram (if hand heading)
  • Fabric width
  • Fullness Ratio
  • Single curtain or pair
Plus for Patterned Fabric
  • Pattern Repeat
  • If 1 Extra pattern repeat is required

Note the "info" buttons next to the input field. Click/touch these for more details on what value/information is required.

The calculator will tell you

  • Fabric qty required
  • Lining qty required
  • Heading tape or Buckram required
Plus if you are making
  • Number of widths
  • Actual Fullness Ratio
  • Fullness Ratio
  • Fabric Heading Allowance
  • Fabric Hem Allowance
  • Fabric Cut Drop
  • Fabric Adjusted Cut Drop (patterned fabric)
  • Number of pattern repeats in adjusted cut drop
  • Lining Heading Allowance
  • Lining Hem Allowance
  • Lining Cut Drop
  • Fabric drop trimming allowance
  • Lining drop trimming allowance

We have basically now done all the calculations for you to get started. For a hand headed curtain you'll just have to work the pleats and spacing out later.

The ACTUAL FULLNESS RATIO figure given is very handy. If the fullness ratio is coming in much higher than you needed you are probably just going into the next fabric width. If you tweak your required fullness ratio down a little and recalculate, you MAY be able to get away with that extra width and save a lot of fabric.

We ADD AN EXTRA PATTERN REPEAT to place the fabric's pattern in the best place on the curtain. Note if you have a half drop pattern repeat (see our mini tutorial), you must include this as you need half of it to position your cuts on the roll correctly and you can then use the other half of the pattern repeat to place the pattern.

If you are making a single curtain the calculator lets you know what the fullness ratio would be if you use a half width rather than a full width on the edge of the curtain. (use the spare fabric for a cushion or lamshade)

Curtain Fabric Calculator

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