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10th October 15
We've Gone Mobile: A tutorial on your phone

We've made our website mobile friendly, the pages are responsive. What does that mean I hear you say. Well basically the pages will now change and be easier to use and view if you are using a mobile phone (they will still look the same on an ipad or computer).

It will be easier to follow the tutorial instructions and watch the demonstration videos on your mobile phone as you are making your curtains, blinds, cushions etc.

On an iphone or smartphone the tutorials will look like this. The top menus have been removed and replaced with a menu button

Press the menu button and this menu will pop up.

You'll now find the facebook, Pinterest and other links at the bottom of the page

To make more space for the tutorial instructions and videos we have removed the Materials List and Step number indicator. The page now has Simple NEXT page PREVIOUS page navigation for the tutorial.

6. The Full Tutorial instructions, Videos and Extra Help/Comments Section are still on the mobile screen. (Click on the video and you can watch full screen.)

All Tips, Definitions, Images and Example Calculations remain in the tutorial instructions and still pop up

Now with your phone at hand it is easy to follow the instructions and view how we do it on a video as you make.

All our tutorials are now mobile friendly except the Interlined Roman Blind tutorial which will be converted shortly.

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